BOKEHLI, your art card shop

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The BOKEHLI project was born from three passions: ART, CARD-MAKING and LOCAL


In your BOKEHLI store you will find choice in uniquiness.

You might find the concept slightly "blurry"... but the only blurry aspect of this project is the name

"BOKEH" to which I added "LI" like eLIsabeth, my first name.

- Are you tired of never finding THE original and unique postcard to celebrate the key moments of your loved ones' lives?

- Are you bored of bringing flowers, wine or chocolates when you are invited (even though I love chocolate, wine and flowers and still hope to receive some...

- Do you wish for an artwwork that's just right for you, to make your "home sweet home" exceptional and avoid the feeling of "deja vu"?

BOKEHLI is the card shop and gallery you need, nestled on rue BOUFFARD, close to gambetta and Porte dijeaux and Pey Berland in the beautifull town name BORDEAUX ( yes like the wine!)

Visit us to find the support, the gift pr the decoration that you will find nowhere else, thus avoiding duplicates and delicate situations.

This beautifull boutique, like the most beautifull flowers, was born in Spring 2019.

If you are really to far from the shop, we send all these beautifull artwork, all over the worl, and also in FRANCE.

boutique BOKEHLI 1
boutique BOKEHLI 2
BOKEHLI façade
BOKEHLI   déco murale
BOKEHLI carterie d'art
BOKEHLI galerie d'art