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Jean-Louis Bouloux dit Boul artiste Poitevin art brut


BOUL (Jean-Louis BOULOUX) Lives and works in Buxerolles (86180) Creator of singular images in which lines, doodles, collages, scribbles, colorings, prints, rubbings, words, stamps, paper, cardboard, scrap metal... these ingredients and traces of the world around us, are all tools at the service of the invention of a dreamlike world. From anything to anything, snub to any academicism, here everything can be a tool, everything can be a support. All that remains is to channel this graphic ruckus and give birth to fantastic scenes where extraordinary characters compete for the best place. A bit like in real life after all.

Jean-Louis is one of the artists represented in the space of the gallery since the creation of the shop because he was one of the very first to whom I spoke about the BOKEHLI project and immediately he said to me "Go ahead, I follow you!" And I say a big thank you!

Find the original and unpublished works of Jean-Louis on sale at BOKEHLI here:

Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (

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