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I am KLDZK, a qualified architect and artist from Bordeaux.

I'm a fan of basset hounds, the cinema of Jacques Tati, town planning and the 70s.


From my real name Lucas Kolodziejczyk, I invite you to discover my work based solely on the diversion of images, in order to create new colorful, surreal and/or minimalist "scenes". I also offer unpretentious, musical, modern and colorful poems. I like the marriage of scenes, places, characters, absurd and contrary, brought about by the collage.


First with the eyes, then with scissors, cutter and glue, I set myself the rule of the game not to buy anything other than that. Being very interested in recovery here and there, I first collect countless magazines, books, or even flyers. Then, I play with words and colors, appropriating the images provideds by books, to create unique works.

Find the original works, postcard format, by LUCAS on sale at BOKEHLI here:


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