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Each card is unique

“Seahorse” Gyotaku on black paper by DARKOÏ

“Seahorse” Gyotaku on black paper by DARKOÏ


Gyotaku is an ancestral Japanese art which consists of taking the imprint of a fish using Indian ink, squid ink or colored paint.

The fish is carefully prepared on a table and coated with ink. A very fine Japanese paper is then applied.

By carefully removing the paper we obtain the imprint. This technique was invented in the 19th century by Japanese fishermen to keep a souvenir of their best catches.

Darkoï's gyotaku are not retouched as the real method requires, hence the great difficulty in obtaining a beautiful result without artifice. Only the eye is repainted in order to “bring life” to the fish, as tradition dictates.

Darkoï has the honor of being the student of 2 masters.

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