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Darkoi spécialiste du gyotaku


“Atypical, my career as an artist! In search of curiosities with plural experiences, I went to explore the creative universe of Being, connected to its own Source of information... With its universal language, the magician palette of its nuances and the richness of its symbols, I try to pass the light of color to the heart of the material & its multitude of textures in its smallest details. My inspirations are travelers of Nature, graphic abstractions where the story is told in the creative gesture. And chance does the rest in the exciting encounter with the unexpected on the canvas... Color is a marvelous tool for discovering at your own pace everything you need to grow, like any tool for self-fulfilment! With a great vibratory presence, it thus has all the MATTER-LIGHT assets in its quality of teaching. Inspired by the world that surrounds me and that animates me inside/outside and beyond borders, I let what comes to me through encounters and cultures, intensely colorful and lively vibrations."

Find the original works of Béatrice on sale at BOKEHLI here:

Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (

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