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Illustration originale de Mam Kaan en vente à la galerie d'art de Bordeaux Bokehli et sur

"choice ... in uniqueness"

-Art Gallery-

Décorations de Noël étoiles
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The BOKEHLI spirit

Do you like oil painting? Or are you more into drawing? Or maybe photos?

Do you love figurative artworks? Or is your heart set on abstract works ?

Do you like your art full of colors? Or simply in black and white ?

BOKEHLI has it all! In our store you can find all kinds of visuals arts.


BOKEHLI is a card shop and gallery which has no reason to feel inferior to the great art galleries...even if it focuses on "small size artworks", mostly on paper.

Each artwork is unique, never duplicated and certified by professional artists.

Step into BOKEHLI'S world and allow yourself to be carried away by emotions. Immerse yourself in our world for a few moments of guaranteed happiness.

There is on need for a university degree or prior knowledge of art to step into the shop.

At BOKEHLI, there's no such thing as "touching with the eyes". In our store, you are free and welcome to touch, feel and compare artworks to find the one that suits you best.

Whether you are looking for beautiful and unique gifts or for new pieces of decoration, our distinctive and creative artworks will seduce you with their emotive hooks and their nomadic sizes, making them flexible and adaptable to your desires.

The artists selected by BOKEHLI are either young, emerging painters or experienced and renowned.

We offer a large variety of artworks such as watercolors, calligraphies, engraving on photographs, wire postcards, and maybe soon, serigraphs, screen paintings and lithographs.

There is something for everyone, amateur or savvy collector, among the painted strokes and curves drawn with felts, pens or brushes by the unique selection of creative artists referenced by BOKEHLI.

At BOKEHLI, all the artists are selected for their talent, their work, their creativity and the beautiful human values they transmit.

The BOKEHLI store, on rue Bouffard in BORDEAUX, also lets you frame your favorite artworks, with frames that are 100% made in FRANCE.


A small area of the shop is dedicated to poetic postcards, with beautifull handmade prints that can be used as unique and special wish cards.

Our illustrations, made especially for the shop, can also be gifted as beautifull postcards.

"Pick up your pencils" to write to your loved ones and let them know much love them



A gallery dedicaded to regular "BIG SIZE" exhibitions is located on the first floor of the BOKEHLI shop.

The paintings for solo and group exhibitions are hung at the beginning of each month, followed by a vernissage in the presence of the artist or artists.

No need to wait for a personnal invitation. Everyone is welcome and free to join, from beginners to experienced art lovers.

All the artists featured in the small format card shop, painters, draughtsmen, photographers, illustrators or engravers, take turns and exhibit for a month in the BOKEHLI gallery.

The gallery's artworks are sure to steal your heart.

Tired of gift ideas that lack originality or decorations that you've already, seen a thousand times elsewhere?

Choose a special artwork in the BOKEHLI shop or e-shop.


“Tired of gift ideas that lack originality or decorations that you've already seen a thousand times elswhere? Choose a special artwork in the BOKEHLI shop or e-shop. "Just like you, each piece is unique ”

Elisabeth Bataille Palluaud - Founder of BOKEHLI

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