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Agapi Cécile Lassis créatrice bordelaise de mots en fil de fer


"As others use felt, pen or pencils, to put sentences on paper, I start with a roll of raw wire that I shape and transform (with my fingers and a set of pliers) in poetic calligraphy, in sentences written with a single unwound thread... The wall then replaces the blank page.

"The little sentences of AGAPI" are intended for hanging on the wall, in order to have an inspiring quote in front of you every day… words or a first name loved… to guide your day.

On the same principle, I produce works in wire postcard format, with shorter texts accompanied by a small poetic motif.

Cards that are not just simple postcards: the small wire decoration, once received, is also intended for hanging on the wall with a nail, or a little masking tape, in order to keep it under eyes and make you think of whoever sent it."

Find his works for sale at BOKEHLI here:

Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (


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