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"I am a maker of refined embroidered designs and small phrases that feel good on scraps of fabric. I mix femininity, delicacy, symbolism but above all poetry, love and the freedom of certain moments of life which are the basis of my creations. In single model or in small series for the pleasure of the eyes, the smile, the balm in the heart and the serenity. I like when my work is used to cure a lack, an evil, a not enough, too much...

Each object thus created is made by hand - by my hand -  in my workshop, without intermediaries. Concerned about the origin of the materials, I work on canvas and with thread made in France or in border countries with clean materials and others upgraded.

Self-taught, I learned drawing and sewing in my family as well as the love of beautiful, noble and natural materials. 

Graduated in Horticulture and Landscape then in Town Planning. I learned to read nature and the delicacy of flowers. I retained the simplicity, the complementarity of textures and colors and especially the design then, I discovered the city, those who live there and the proportions. 

These experiences brought me very diverse knowledge in fields very far from embroidery but with harmony in common. With the desire to create a personal, timeless and comforting object, I developed my own embroidery techniques with simplicity and lightness as the common thread.

In 2021, I become a member of Ateliers d'Art de France."

Find his entirely handmade works for sale at BOKEHLI here:

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