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Claire Baudry aquarelliste bordelaise


Already a child, I liked to observe what surrounded me, attentive to a detail, charmed by a changing reflection, intrigued by a mysterious shadow... and I tried to transcribe these fleeting emotions on paper, stone, canvas. with a pencil, marker, pen or brush. Later, during a long stay in Brittany, watercolor imposed itself on me and became my favorite means of expression: ideal for evoking the dance of grass caressed by the wind, the vibrant light after rain, the thousand shades of a granite rock or the ephemeral race of a cloud! Today, after working in a museum, I pass on my passion to children in a plastic arts workshop... and continue, with ever-renewed pleasure, this modest and captivating quest for reality through my watercolours.

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Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (


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