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Garance Dussin graveuse parisienne


Garance works and lives in Montreuil in Ile-de-France. She spent five years at the Boulle school where she obtained her diploma in Crafts in ornamental engraving with her project Cultiver Les Couleurs. This project aimed to highlight tinctorial plants, plants that give color through its know-how, engraving. From this diploma project was born his current activity. It consists of printing engravings on paper dyed with plants!

First, the papers are dyed in an artisanal way using pigments found in plants. Then, they are printed by hand from an engraving made with a chisel or using the technique of etching.

Cultiver Les Couleurs is a French brand of interior decoration, ethical and artisanal. Each print is unique, made by hand and in a limited series in his Montreuil workshop.

Garance has also developed her project by opening up to the world of plants. She thus creates engravings of flowers and plants in a refined and minimalist style on white papers in order to highlight her know-how."

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Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (


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