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Franck GUIDOLIN currently lives and works in Reims – Champagne – France.

On the sidelines of classical artistic studies, Franck Guidolin's career as an artist has been built in an atypical way. From building painting to interior decoration, including decorative painting and interior architecture, he learns materials, textures, aesthetics, harmony of colors, volumes, shapes, materials... But the substance is not there, yet it interests him much more than the form.


During his training, his interest in the history of art and styles, allows him to refine his tastes and his aesthetic sense. It was by taking an interest in the contexts that surround these eras that his inspiration came to him: the history of art has no interest if it is dissociated from humans and the fuel they produce: philosophy, politics, sociology, technology… everything good and bad comes out of it.


He is interested in human nature by observing how the world works. From his observation, using techniques used as simply as possible, he creates a sober and refined artistic work, while being solid in the process.


He invents nothing, he simply revisits his time through painting, engraving and photography which allow him to tell stories.


If the main axes of life are immutable, his vision of the world belongs to him. It is the reflection of an apparently chaotic course, but which allows him to leave the marked paths and to develop a sensitivity and a view of the world of his own.


An originality that is the strength of his work.

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