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Nathalie Vieilleville graveuse bretonne


Mathieu Ségura, visual artist born in 1978, came to settle a few years ago on the shores of Lake Geneva. He studied Arts for 4 years at the Faculty of Fine Arts St Charles –Paris1-Sorbonne.

He feeds his artistic universe by exploring several themes such as the City, the Landscape, family portraits etc...

He relies on personal photographs, computer graphics, anatomical boards, architect's plans or even his miniature constructions in order to modify, transform the image to appropriate it and give it a graphic aspect.

To achieve this result, he alternates, mixes techniques: Felt pens, paint, ink, or even engraving on photography.

This work of engraving on photography is characterized by scarification, scraping, tearing off the photo paper using drypoints and a cutter.

In the end, Mathieu Ségura creates a new image with a fragmented aesthetic with an unreal, even dreamlike dimension.

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Art cards Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (


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