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Valérie de Gaulmyn is a paper embroiderer. She embroiders on paper and with paper. She uses a scalpel, ink or Posca markers, and invents lace. She doesn't follow any pattern. She improvises. One form calls out another which is connected to yet another. Everything is linked but nothing is anticipated. It's quite meditative. The scalpel makes it possible to cut, incise, lift, sculpt, superimpose the paper. When color is present, it is usually monochrome. It's more calming. She doesn't want clashing colors. Her work features different types of lace: a superposition of cut-out paper that intertwines, plant stories made up of incisions and/or abstract and poetic graphics. She is currently creating an imaginary herbarium which she composes with ink or markers and which she sometimes incises to give them relief. 

Find Valerie's works on this link:

Art gallery Bordeaux (33), Boutique BOKEHLI (


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